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MotoTec Knockout 60V/12Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter

by mototec
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MotoTec Knockout 60V/12Ah 1000W Fat Tire Electric Scooter MT-Knockout-1000

A Powerful Off-Road Electric Scooter for Everyday Fun and Commute!

Embark on a thrilling commute and dominate the road with style aboard the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter! This strikingly sleek scooter boasts massive air-filled fat tires and substantial power, delivering the performance of a big bike without the associated noise. Far from being a mere toy, this affordable electric ride serves as a practical personal transport, equipped with a larger motor and battery than most traditional electric bikes in the market. Tailored for riders aged 16 and above, with a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs., it accommodates normal-weight adults as well.

The MotoTec Knockout Scooter is propelled by a robust 1,000-watt electric hub motor and features sturdy fat tires, ensuring rapid acceleration and an exhilarating ride. Versatile enough for pavement, sidewalks, and off-roading, this electric scooter surpasses pricier models in performance. Perfect for students, teens, and sports enthusiasts, it provides a rockstar commuting experience. Adhering to safety regulations, including donning a helmet and obeying speed limits, is crucial due to its high road speeds. Elevate your commute with the exclusive MotoTec Knockout Scooter, available only at Electric Bike Paradise!

Whether cruising the streets, enjoying off-road rides, or running errands, the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter delivers an exceptional experience. Its massive 18-inch tires, extra-wide for enhanced cushioning, ensure a comfortable ride. The frame incorporates front fork suspension and rear shock absorbers, further enhancing ride comfort and off-road capabilities. With ample power, this scooter effortlessly navigates rugged roads and countryside terrain. Compared to typical electric bikes, the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter boasts significantly higher 'horsepower,' making it an exhilarating choice. Crafted with a durable yet lightweight metal frame, it guarantees extra speed and acceleration. Embrace the quiet power of electric transport with the stunning black-themed finish of the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter.

Discover the Ultimate Urban Explorer: The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter! For those seeking a capable ride to conquer the urban jungle or venture into vast areas, the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is your ideal companion. Perfect for commuting, leisurely strolls, or short cruises, this scooter offers a smooth and quiet ride, devoid of the usual noise and harsh vibrations associated with gas-powered bikes. Its stable lowered design, paired with an electric powertrain, provides superior comfort compared to traditional alternatives. Choosing an electric motorcycle or scooter over cars not only enhances convenience but ensures faster travel times, making it an excellent choice for navigating city roads filled with surprises like potholes and traffic gridlocks.

The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is versatile, suitable for both fun rides and practical commuting to work or school. Effortlessly navigate your surroundings with the convenient throttle, offering a range of approximately 20 miles to ensure you reach your destination without worrying about running out of charge midway. Whether you're exploring the city or commuting to the office, do it in style with this reliable and capable electric ride.

  • Experience Ultimate Riding Excitement with the MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter! Looking for a road-capable ride that breaks the mold? The MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter is the answer for adults and big kids seeking an affordable and exhilarating electric experience. With its distinctive lowrider scooter frame, oversized fat tires (among the largest in the market), and robust powertrain, this scooter is perfect for leisurely rides and quick personal transportation to work or school. Stand out with its unique design, which includes ape handlebars and alloy metal rims, complemented by massive 18-inch tires and efficient hydraulic disc brakes for exceptional road performance and control.

  • Unleash the power of one of the most robust electric bikes on the market! The MotoTec Knockout Fat Scooter features a potent 60-volt 1,000-watt brushless hub motor, delivering impressive power and acceleration. With a top speed of 25 mph, it outpaces most electric bikes, providing an exhilarating performance. The hub motor, located inside the rear wheel, directs torque to the ground, ensuring a thrilling riding experience.

  • Enjoy a ride that blends comfort with control. The MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter is designed for rider convenience, featuring tilt-adjustable ape handlebars, a spacious padded seat for two riders, and a wide deck for comfortable riding. The long wheelbase prevents wheelies, making it an ideal choice for everyday commuting.

  • Equipped with a variable throttle and high-performance hydraulic disc brakes, this scooter ensures smooth acceleration and reliable stops. The easy-to-use throttle allows you to zoom confidently on the road, while the minimalist battery level readout keeps you informed. The full suspension, comprising a front fork and two rear shock absorbers, enhances ride comfort, tackling various terrains with ease.

  • The MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter is built for durability, boasting a heavy-duty hi-tensile steel frame with a 450 lbs. capacity, metal rims, and air-filled all-terrain tires. Whether you're commuting or enjoying leisure rides, this electric scooter combines a true road bike design with safety features and comfort factors for an unmatched riding experience.

Experience Thrilling Rides with the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter!

Looking for an affordable electric scooter that can handle your daily commute and more? Look no further than the MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter. With its striking lowrider design featuring a minimalist frame, large ape handlebars, and robust fat tires, this electric bike is perfect for adults and teens seeking an uncomplicated yet thrilling ride. The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter boasts a 60-volt, 1,000-watt brushless hub motor, ensuring a lively performance and off-roading capabilities. Enjoy each ride with a smile on your face, free from harsh noise and vibration. With a top speed of 20 mph, this electric motorcycle effortlessly conquers rugged terrain, making it a highly capable and enjoyable ride.

Enjoy Ultimate Comfort with the MotoTec Knockout Fat Tire Scooter! This electric motorcycle provides exceptional comfort, featuring a low and elongated wheelbase paired with a plush, comfortable padded seat. Experience smooth rides with full suspension, including a front fork and two shock absorbers on the rear, ensuring optimal performance both on the road and off-road. With a range of approximately 20 miles, this scooter is perfect for extensive off-road adventures or road trips, making it an excellent choice for daily commuting to work or school.

Perfect Dimensions.

The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter boasts dimensions of 71” L x 32” W x 45” H, weighing around 170 lbs. Its features include oversized tires, key ignition, a kickstand, and a charger, providing a well-rounded and convenient package for your riding needs.

Equipped with Advanced Technology.

The MotoTec Knockout Electric Scooter is driven by a robust 60-volt Lead Acid battery pack with a 12 Ah capacity. Achieving a full charge takes only six to eight hours, allowing you to extend the range with just an hour or two of charging.

This scooter boasts an LED readout, providing a clear display of the battery level, ensuring you're aware of the remaining distance. Enjoy the pleasure of riding it daily, making it an ideal choice for your everyday commute, trips to the market, shopping, parks, and various destinations.

Beware of Surplus or Inexpensive Electric Bikes and Scooters.

Many low-cost electric bikes lack reliability and safety, making the purchase a hit-or-miss experience. These bikes are not crafted for sustained use due to poor workmanship or subpar electronics. Some cheap electric bikes even lack essential electrical safety features, posing a risk of electric shocks to the user. Additionally, numerous surplus models struggle to climb hills or offer sufficient pedal assistance, often equipped with cheap batteries with limited range.

If issues arise, there's no reliable way to have them serviced, making them an unreliable choice. Ultimately, most of these bikes are uncomfortable to use. Prioritize safety and genuine performance by selecting electric bike brands with a longstanding presence in the market and proper certifications.

Choose MotoTec: Ride and Have Fun with Our Exciting Electric Bikes!

Electric bicycles are the ideal choice for an active and sustainable lifestyle. These vehicles enable people to attain physical activity levels, particularly for those who may not be fit enough for regular exercise. Opting for electric bikes over driving a car in the city can save you valuable time, enhance productivity, and eliminate the expenses associated with car maintenance, insurance, and fuel. Enjoy the thrill of riding and the benefits of a greener, healthier lifestyle with MotoTec's exciting electric bikes!

We often say that adults are just kids with money, and being adults shouldn't hinder us from enjoying the things we love. At MotoTec, we aim to redefine the typical electric bike experience. Our bikes are not just practical personal transporters; they're designed to be thrilling rides. With sturdy metal frames and powerful motors, you'll feel the exhilaration every time you hit the throttle. Our designs draw inspiration from the toys and rides that were commonplace in your childhood, such as kick scooters and wheeled boards. If you're tired of the usual electric bike routine and crave a more exciting journey, choose MotoTec!


  • Motor: 1000W Rear Hub Motor
  • Battery: 60v (Five 12v/12ah SLA Batteries)
  • Handlebars: Tilt Adjustable
  • Throttle: Twist
  • Key: Yes
  • Top Speed: 25mph
  • Max Rider Weight: 450 lbs
  • Recommended Age: 16+ Years Old
  • Frame: High-tensile steel
  • Range Per Charge: 15-23 miles in optimum conditions
  • Charge Time: 4-8 hrs
  • Front/Rear Tire Size: 225/55-8
  • Shocks: Front & Rear
  • LED Headlight: Yes
  • Brake: Hydraulic Front and Rear
  • Wheelbase: 51 inches
  • Seat Height: 28 inches
  • Box Size: 76x18x36 inches
  • Box Weight: 200 lbs
  • Scooter Size: 71x32x45 inches
  • Scooter Weight: 165 lbs
  • Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

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