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Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

by mototec
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Mini Motos 12V/14Ah 35W UTV Kids Electric Ride-On MM-603-UTV-12v

A Kid-Friendly Electric Ride for Everyday Playtime!

Turn your child into a sensation with the MotoTec Mini Moto Kids Electric Ride On! This four-wheel-drive electric ride for kids is packed with allure. It's an economical electric ride, featuring a well-crafted drivetrain that delivers excitement and joy. Tailored for children aged three to six years old and beyond, this kids' car supports a maximum weight of 88 lbs, making it perfect for toddlers and small children.

The MotoTec Mini Moto is thoughtfully designed for kids, equipped with four 35-watt electric motors and a top speed of five miles per hour. With a controlled pace, this electric ride ensures your child's enjoyment while providing you with peace of mind. The Mini Moto includes a foot throttle, swing doors, and a steering wheel, making it a delightful and relatively powerful choice for solid surfaces. Let your kids revel in the excitement and experience the thrill of being rockstars with the MotoTec Mini Moto!

Whether your kids are playing in the neighborhood park or conquering the driveway, the MotoTec Mini Moto is ready for the adventure. Always prioritize safety by adhering to safety rules—ensure the rider wears a helmet and essential safety gear, rides within speed limits, and follows local regulations. For small children, supervision by an adult is essential.

Indulge your child with the perfect electric mini car treat. It comes with a throttle for easy riding and is loaded with a variety of electronic features. Let your kid cruise around and enjoy racing in style.

  • The MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride makes for an exceptional kids' gift, providing a safe and affordable ride for small children. Packed with features reminiscent of real cars, including a steering wheel, swing doors, lights, and a throttle, this ride offers both manual and remote control options.
  • This electric toy car is powered by four 35-watt electric motors, one in each wheel, providing unexpected four-wheel drive power. With a top speed of five miles per hour, it matches a brisk walking pace. Safety is a priority, featuring a 2.4 GHz remote control, seat belt, front and rear lights, double doors, and front and rear suspension for navigating uneven surfaces. The EVA foam tires ensure indoor riding without leaving marks.
  • Equipped with two 12-volt, 7 amp/hour batteries for a total of 12 volts and 24 amps, the Mini Moto charges fully in four to six hours. The range depends on throttle usage and the rider's weight, offering extended fun. The stylish design includes large knobby tires with sporty rims and leather seats in the interior, fulfilling your child's dream of riding their very first car. The MotoTec Mini Moto features an automatic braking system upon throttle release, providing a somewhat capable off-roading experience for backyard or park adventures!

Experience the joy of fun with this Electric Ride On!

Looking for an affordable and enjoyable electric ride for kids? Dive into the excitement with the MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride On. With genuine four-wheel drive action and a sporty design that kids will adore, this mini car is equipped with four electric motors, one in each wheel, making it an all-wheel-drive model with superior performance compared to rear-wheel-drive alternatives. The Mini Moto also features front and rear suspension and sizable non-marking foam tires, allowing it to navigate uneven surfaces to some extent.

Embrace its stylish ATV appearance boasting high ground clearance and an aggressive look. With functional lights, two swing doors, a steering wheel, and luxurious leather seats in the interior, the Mini Moto mirrors the aesthetics and features of a real car. Featuring a user-friendly throttle/brake pedal that kids will find easy to use, it also provides the option for control via the included 2.4 GHz remote.

Perfect Size

The MotoTec Mini Moto Electric Ride On measures 51” L x 32” W x 29” H and weighs approximately 76 lbs. Designed for solo riders, it comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, an SD card slot, and an MP3 port for added entertainment. Complete with a seat belt, ensure a thorough inspection and testing of every function before the initial use.

Opt for MotoTec: Experience Joyful Rides with Our Thrilling Electric Bikes!

Electric bicycles present an ideal choice for embracing an active and eco-friendly lifestyle. These vehicles enable individuals, especially those not inclined towards strenuous exercise, to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. Navigating through the city in a car can consume precious time and hamper productivity, not to mention the ongoing expenses of maintenance, insurance, and fuel.

At MotoTec, we believe that adults are essentially children with the means to indulge in enjoyable pursuits. Adulthood should not curtail our ability to relish activities we love. Our approach to electric bikes reimagines the conventional, infusing excitement into the concept of personal transportation. By employing robust metal frames and high-powered motors, we ensure that you feel the exhilaration every time you engage the throttle. Our designs draw inspiration from the toys and rides synonymous with your childhood, such as kick scooters and wheeled boards. If you find traditional electric bikes monotonous and crave a more entertaining journey to your destination, choose MotoTec!


  • Motor(s): 4 x 12 Volt 35 Watt (4 Wheel Drive)
  • Battery: 2 x 12 Volt 7 AMP Rechargeable Battery (12v/14ah total)
  • Charger: Included
  • Suspension: 4 Wheel Spring
  • Sounds: Bluetooth, MP3 Port
  • Driving: Manual Drive or Remote Control
  • Doors Open: Yes
  • Lights: Yes
  • Seats: Leather
  • Tires: EVA
  • Forward: 5 MPH
  • Reverse: 2.5 MPH
  • Suggested Max Weight: 88 lbs
  • Suggested Age: 3-6 years old
  • Throttle Type: Foot Pedal
  • Braking System: Releasing the throttle allows bike to stop quickly
  • Material of Body: ABS Plastic
  • Assembled Dimensions: 51x32x29 inches
  • Box Dimensions: 49x37x17 inches
  • Product Weight:  lbs
  • Box Weight: 76 lbs
  • Warranty: 30 Days parts replacement.

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